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Title: New 220 MHz antenna arrived
Post by: KC9ONY on December 19, 2013, 08:44:00 PM
If you have gone to the monthly meetings and/or read the newsletters, you know that we
have an issue with the 220 MHz repeater system.    Nels, WA9JOB and Jim, K9QLP narrowed it
down to what they believe is an antenna issue.    I'll let them post more information, but right
now, we are only using one of the two bays on the antenna.   They also feel that there might
be some local interference which is causing a desense issue.

With the ORC Board's approval, we purchased a new antenna and side mount brackets.
We received a donation of coax to use for the new antenna as well.    The antenna is on site,
and we are just waiting for better weather to complete the installation.   Who do you know who
wants to climb a tower and install an antenna in 20 degree weather?

Keep in mind, that the 220 MHz repeater is working at present.    Again, I'll let Nels or Jim add
any information to this discussion.