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Title: FS: A Mobile Ham Shack
Post by: KC9ONY on June 02, 2014, 09:36:33 PM
Posted for John WB9SMM
He is moving to Hawaii, and needs to sell this camper.

"My camper is for sale.  Perfect for Field Day!
Move fast, 'cause I need to move it!
See attached."

John, WB9SMM

Camper: 2006 Aliner LXE fold-down camper
Purchased August 2007 for $13,599; used perhaps eight times 2007 - 2010
Dealer maintained and winterized.
Weighs appx. 1000lbs; most minivans can tow it
Sleeps 2
Very quick setup
3-way refrigerator - propane/12vDC/120vAC
AC -appx. 5,000BTU
Propane stove, furnace and hot water
20gal water tank and electric, on-demand pump
Inside shower and cassette potty (cassette removes thru outside access door)
Outside shower
Electric brakes
Spare tire
Moving; need to sell
Will throw in the extra stuff accumulated: eg: flashlights, small lamps; flatware; cooking
utensils, etc.
Price: $6,000
(414) 702-3666

For those that may not know what it looks like, as I didn't, here are some
links to sites with pics of a 2006 Aliner LXE, but not the actual one for sale.

http://www.westerncampers.com/Used/AlinerLXE.html (http://www.westerncampers.com/Used/AlinerLXE.html)
has some specs of standard features.

http://www.endlesssummerrv.com/7023.htm (http://www.endlesssummerrv.com/7023.htm)

Here is a video of one being set up and taken down:
http://youtu.be/Ib6sU3oIhR0 (http://youtu.be/Ib6sU3oIhR0)

Contact:  John WB9SMM  (414) 702-3666