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General Discussion / Looking for an Elmer (General Class)
« on: January 19, 2015, 02:19:23 PM »
Figure I will try here not sure it falls under any of the other topics, and before I send anything out on the re-mailer.  But I am looking for an Elmer to help me out and go over the fine points of the General license, I will admit it has been a few years since I passed Tech license and made it by just by a few questions.  But I would like to upgrade this year and seeing if any of the Hams in Ozaukee County are willing to help me out and Elmer me a little bit.  I have the Gordon West Book but just memorizing questions isn't cutting it for me I want more knowledge of the General Class.  I have a crazy work schedule currently but I can try to get some kind of schedule to work.  I normally work 2nd shift at my full time job and I am EMT in my off time from regular work so I usually run calls from 6am to Noon Mon-Friday.

Feel free to contact me

Mike Eibs

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