Author Topic: 8th Annual Racine Megacycle Freefest 2015 Saturday 8/08/2015  (Read 1701 times)

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Yet another relatively close hamfest in Racine.
Approximately 50 miles and 55 minutes from Cedarburg.

8/08/2015 Saturday
8th Annual Racine Megacycle Freefest 2015
Racine Megacycle Club
7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Fireman’s Park
9600 Charles Street
Sturtevant, WI 53177

more information:
Contact: Dan Miller

NOTE: Bing will not find Fireman's (with an A)
nor Firemen's (with an E), but found
Sturtevant Volunteer Fire Department Park at 9600 Charles Street.

Google Maps didn't find Fireman's (with an A), and did not find
Sturtevant Volunteer Fire Department Park.
It did find Firemen's Park (with an E).