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Title: Wanted: HF rig and tuner
Post by: K9VIN on June 03, 2014, 12:13:19 AM

I have recently been spending more time in my shack.  I am getting hooked, but still a rookie.

In the summer, I camp quite a bit, and would like to have a mobile rig.   I currently have a Yaesu FT-301 which is working as my home base rig.  It would be a beast to move . . .or I might be interested in a replacement in my shack, and use the 301 as my mobile (ugh).

What band would you recommend for someone hoisting a wire in a campground and playing around in the afternoon and evenings?  I can build an antenna or two, but I need a rig and alot smaller tuner than I currently have.

and if you read this far, and respond with one of the first two answers, you will receive one  dozen fresh Chicken eggs from my girls:
My trailer lights have a power lead from the battery going all the way back to the hitch.  Can I somehow tap into it for external power for the rig, and would you ground it to a ground rod, or to the vehicle frame?   Rookie question, I am sure.  . .. .


Title: Re: Wanted: HF rig and tuner
Post by: K9DJT on June 03, 2014, 07:51:19 AM
Hi Kevin,

I have an FT-450 which is in excellent condition except that the antenna tuner no longer works. The tuner could be repaired, or my other consideration would be purchasing a LDG-450 (I think that is the model) which would have a broader tuning range. There is a picture of the radio on my QRZ page cabin location.

73, Gary

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