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Radios / Heathkit SB-220 for Sale
« on: October 15, 2014, 10:00:59 AM »
images for the Heathkit SB-220 are attached

Hello to All:

Yesterday Gary, K9DJT & myself tested the Heathkit SB-220 linear that was donated to the club by Leon, K9GCF (SK). 
At this time we can say that the linear works perfectly and will be a good buy for anyone in the club.

Leon had done a number of proven enhancements to this linear, as listed below:

•   Installed a new set of HV capacitors, using Harbach kit FB-220
•   Installed a new rectifier and metering board, Harbach kit RM-220
•   Installed a Harbach soft key board, kit SK-220
•   Installed a Harbach soft start module, kit SS-221
•   Installed a new set of RF Parts 3-500ZG tubes on May 20, 2011
Check out the kits at the Harbach web site:

We tested the linear and found it took 60 watts to drive it to slightly more than rated output.  So it is our feeling that the tubes are in excellent condition.  The transmitter itself is close to spotless condition, it was well taken care of.  Front panel, knobs and meters all look brand new, two small scratches were found on the left side of the cabinet.  Other than that, in beautiful condition.

If anyone in the club wants pictures, simply contact me and I will send the 8 or 9 that I took, with the covers both on and off.  If no one is interested, it will be listed on ebay for $700 on 10/18/2014.  As club member can purchase this item for a lower price, make an offer to Tom Ruhlmann and discuss it with him from that point on—Good Luck!

It comes with a 100% complete manual, and all literature is also present for all of the Harbach modification kits that have been installed.  There is also a letter written by Leon documenting the changes, one by one. There is another brand new, unopened parasitic suppressor kit that is included, but not installed.  It is designed and made by Richard Measures, AG6K.

You can also stop by and look the amp at my home address, if that would be of interest.


Chuck Curran  W9KR

Radios / Estate sale of Ham Radio Equipment
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:30:50 AM »
Shown below is a list of equipment that is for sale.  If you have any interest, contact Karl Bruehl, KC9AA.  Karl's email is:  [email protected]

Chuck  W9KR

   ITEM                                                                                        PRICE                                         
6   MFJ 989C 2KW Antenna Tuner                                             $180.00      
8   MFJ 1701 Antenna Switch (6 position) (needs knob)     $25.00   
11   EICO 722 VFO                                                                     $25.00         
14   GC Electronics SWR/Pwr Meter                                       $15.00      
17   Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter                                             $75.00      
18   Heathkit DX-20 Transmitter                                             $50.00      
19   Drake W-4 Wattmeter                                                     $70.00      
20   Drake 2-A Receiver                                                             $140.00      
21   Drake 2-NT Transmitter                                                     $40.00      
22   Johnson Adventurer Transmitter                                     $60.00      
23   B&W Coax Switch Model 595 (6 position)                     $25.00      
24   MFJ-816 SWR Meter                                                             $15.00      
26   Home Brew 0-50V 0-50 AMP Variable Power Supply   $25.00      
   TEST EQUIPMENT         
1   Precision 920 Electronamic Tube Tester                           $20.00      
3   RCA WR-49A Signal Generator                                     $20.00      
4   EICO 950B Resistor/Capacitor Bridge                           $20.00      
5   Simpson 461 Series 4 Digital Multi Meter                           $35.00      
6   Wavetek 190 20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator           $50.00      
7   Fluke 8050A Digital Multi Meter                                   $50.00      
8   Wavetek 180 Sweep/Function Generator                   $50.00      
9   Precision Apparatus Co. Series E-200 Audio Generator   $20.00         
11   Heathkit AG-9A Audio Generator                                   $15.00      
12   Heathkit PS-3 Variable Voltage Power Supply                   $20.00      
13   Simpson 270 Meter                                                           $35.00      
14   Simpson 260 Meter (cracked case)                                   $20.00      
15   ECI Combination Pwr Supply 20900                                $20.00         
17   HP 5328A 500 Hz Frequency Counter                          $50.00      
18   Heathkit SP-17A Regulated HV power supply                  $20.00      
19   BK Precision 20 MHz dual trace scope                          $60.00      
1   Knight Stereo Tuner (no case)         
2   MFJ Wall Clock         
3   Knight KG-65 FM-AM Tuner         
4   DeWald AM-FM Tuner         
5   Optimus SA-155 Stereo Amplifier         
6   RCA Brown Plastic Radio 65X1         
7   Model K10 Audio Amp         
8   Philco Brown Plastic Radio  64-200-122         
9   Airline Radio & Phono         
10   Philco Radio & Phono         
11   Spartan Radio & Phono         
12   Bendix Aviation Radio & Phono         
13   Zenith Short Wave - 2 Radio & Phono         
14   Co-op Radio          
15   Kellogg Radio older Sliding Door older cabinet, pwr supply separate chassis for radio chassis         
16   Philco with older style cabinet         
17   Philco 40-195 Radio         
18   Philco Phono         
19   Zenith Radio - round dial- dual pointer         
20   Bendix Radio & Phono 95M-4U         
21   Stuart Warner R106A (no cabinet)         
22   Montgomery Ward 662-152 Radio         

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