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Radios / Old Radios for Sale
« on: August 02, 2013, 07:53:18 PM »
My Aunt's father-in-law refurbished a bunch of radios (more than 50 of them).  He sold them last year at an auction and my aunt bought several of them.  Some she gave to her kids, and some she kept, but there are a couple she would like to sell.  I do not know what these are worth but I can get you in contact with my aunt should you be interested.  Here is the information that she gave me about the radios.

Radio1 is a  1929 Philco Model 86.  For the best reception use long wire antenna & ground for prolonged use use voltage reducer.  110v.
Radio2 (black and brown) is a is a Freshman masterpiece 1924, T.R.F,Series C, 3 Dial.  Works fair.  Sound is better with newer design speaker, long wire antenna is a must.  Battery substitute in back.  38 on dial = WOKY 920.


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