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Field Day / Lost Jacket at Field Day
« on: July 10, 2014, 11:37:40 AM »
Bruce (W9FZ) and I appear to have left behind his khaki green jacket (size large) somewhere at the Field Day site. If someone finds it amongst their or the club's Field Day stuff, please let me know!


Janice, KA9VVQ and Bruce, W9FZ

W9FZ/R Jan VHF Contest Plans
(Contest Begins 1300 CST Saturday, ends 2200 CST, January 18-19, 2014)

Bruce, W9FZ, along with ORC member Janice, KA9VVQ, will be roving as W9FZ/R
in the Jan 2014 VHF Contest. Basically, we'll be activating the 4 Milwaukee grids
and then proceed northward to activate EN64 near Manitowoc and
continue to EN55 and EN65 at Pound and Peshtigo. We appreciate
any and all contacts!

You can watch our progress on APRS on the Internet as
W9FZ-15 (puppy dog symbol) on

We will be CQ'ing on 144.240 (SSB/CW). We will also be
checking 146.55 (FM simplex) and 146.58 (FM simplex)
at the top and bottom of every hour that we are
operating (per the sked below).  Please, please, tune
your radios off of the (SSB) calling frequency of 144.200! 
You'll hear weaker stations better away from all that QRM!

Although the calling freq. for 6m is 50.125, we'll go to 50.190 to ensure a quiet place on 6m. 
And while the calling freq. is X.100 for the other bands, we will carry to X.140 for
a quieter place for QSOs.

We will have (and hope they all work!) 6m, 2m, 222, 432, 902, 1296, 2304 MHz, and 10GHz.

Rove plan and times:


EN62bx Milw Airport 1900Z - 2100Z (1300L - 1500L)
EN52ww New Berlin   2200Z - 2400Z (1600L - 1800L)
EN53va Hillcrest Park 0200Z - 0400Z (2000L - 2200L)


EN63ag MeeKwon Park   1530Z - 1730Z (0930L - 1130L)
EN64db Manitowoc    1900Z - 2100Z (1300L - 1500L)
EN55xc Pound        2300Z - 0100Z (1700L - 1900L)
EN65bb Peshtigo     0200Z - 0359Z (2000L - 2159L)

We'll be looking in many directions because we know there
are stations out there. If signals are weak, call
us on CW (not high speed!) to get a completion.

Yeah, we know there are some pretty good football games on
Sunday--please leave your radios on and give us some Q's
during the commercials--you know there are a lot of them!

See other regional planned activity at:


Hope to see you this weekend!

Bruce and Janice, W9FZ/R

Hi Gary,

Sorry we didn't hear you on 6m, but thanks for trying. Conditions were, in general, poor on both 2m and 6m, but the trip was a lot of fun. One problem we had was that Bruce plugged the 6m rig into the wrong amplifier (the 222 MHz amplifier), so probably at best we were only putting out about 20W on 6m instead of 160W. Ugh. We figured out the error only during the last hour of the contest. We were wondering why we could hear a bunch of people on 6m Sat. night during the brief band opening, but no seemed to hear us. :o  Now we need to check out the 6m rig and amplifier to see that we didn't damage them.

Our score and a write up of the rove will appear in the next ORC newsletter.

Thanks again for looking for us.

Janice, KA9VVQ and Bruce, W9FZ

Hi Fellow ORCers!

The CW World Wide VHF contest is this weekend, and Bruce, W9FZ, and I (Janice, KA9VVQ) will be participating in the rover category. “Rover” will be Bruce’s Toyota 4Runner with the morass of antennas on it like it was at Field Day. We’d love to make some QSOs with any ORCers who will be (or are considering) participating. Note that you can score a new QSO with us each time we move into a new grid! So point your antennas at us, and if the propagation gods are willing, let’s have some QSOs!

Here are the details:

CQ World Wide VHF contest

Begins: 1800 UTC (1 pm Central Daylight time) Saturday, July 20, 2013
Ends: 2100 UTC (4 pm Central Daylight Time) Sunday, July 21, 2013

For this contest, 6m and 2m bands, SSB or CW, only! (Bruce and I will have most of the other VHF+ bands if you’re seeking grid squares for other awards as well…just let us know what you’d like to operate on!)

We’ll be using the callsign W9FZ/R

We will announce on the calling frequencies (6m: 50.125; 2m: 144.200) when we get to a new grid and then
we will move to 50.190/144.230.  You will most likely find us CQing on 144.230. If you only have 6m, you will hear us pop up on 50.190 from time-to-time, and we would love to hear calls tailending there.  If you have CW capability on 6m, that will come in REAL handy. Remember, we will go as slowly as you send--we want your Q!!!!

We’ll be chirping on APRS, so you can see where we are on our rove by checking out on the Internet. Head on over to: to find us!

Our schedule is:

EN43tq 1300L-1430L (1800-1930Z) Hillsboro, WI, (Vernon County)

EN53fx 1530L-1700L (2030-2200Z) Near Coloma, WI (Waushara County)

EN54fa 1700L-1830L (2200-2330Z) Near Coloma, WI  (Waushara County)

EN44xm 1930L-2100L (0030-0200Z) Powers Bluff Co Park , southeast of Marshfield (Wood County)

EN45xa 0800L-0930L (1300-1430Z) East of Athens, WI  (Marathon County)

EN55aa 1000L-1130L (1500-1630Z) East of Athens, WI (Marathon County)

EN56bc 1300L-1430L (1800-1930Z) Manitowish Waters Airport (Vilas County)

EN46sa 1500L-1600L (2000-2100Z) Butternut, WI  (Ashland County)

Bruce and I look forward to working all of our friends in the region AND new stations too!


Janice, KA9VVQ and Bruce, W9FZ

Field Day / 2013 Field Day Results
« on: June 30, 2013, 01:05:34 PM »
Hello Fellow ORCers!

Below are the results of the club’s Field Day efforts. I’ve provided comparative numbers from 2012, when the club was 4A, and from 2011 when the club was 5A. This year we ran as 5A, although we were undermanned to keep all 5 transmitters going throughout the Field Day period. This helps to explain why this year’s numbers are down substantially from the past 2 years. Propagation on 10m and 6m was also very subpar compared to previous years, which also contributed to our lower number of QSOs. A more complete presentation of the results will appear in the club’s July newsletter.

Janice, KA9VVQ
Field Day points captain

2013 W9LO 5A Results
80m CW = 74
40m CW = 406
20m CW = 410
15m CW = 121
10m CW = 9
6m CW = 6
2m CW = 1
Total CW QSOs = 1027
Multiplier (x2) = 2054 points

80m SSB = 68
40m SSB = 668
20m SSB = 757
15m SSB = 142
10m SSB = 22
6m SSB = 36
2m SSB = 7
AO-7 satellite SSB = 2
Total SSB QSOs =1716
Multiplier (x1) = 1716

Total QSO points = 3770
Power multiplier (150W or less = x2)
Claimed QSO score = 7540
+ Bonus points = 1650

****2013 Final claimed score = 9190****

2012 W9LO 4A Results Summary (for comparison)
Total CW QSOs = 1145
Multiplier (x2) = 2290

Total SSB QSOs = 2336
Multiplier (x1) = 2236

Total QSO points = 4626
Power multiplier (150W or less = x2)
Claimed QSO score = 9252
+ Bonus points = 1590
2012 Final claimed score = 10842

2011 W9LO 5A Results Summary (for comparison)
Total CW QSOs = 1766
Multiplier (x2) = 3532

Total SSB QSOs = 3097
Multiplier (x1) = 3097

Total QSO points = 6629
Power multiplier (150W or less = x2)
Claimed QSO score = 13258
+ Bonus points = 1650
2012 Final claimed score = 14908

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