Author Topic: SW Transceivers & Receivers FOR SALE!  (Read 5229 times)

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SW Transceivers & Receivers FOR SALE!
« on: April 06, 2014, 07:11:52 PM »
Below is a list of Shortwave Receivers, Transceivers and Accessories I have for sale.  All are in excellent working order and most with original or scanned Operator's Manuals and/or Service Manuals:

Aqua Guide 712 Digital Automatic Direction Finder  $130 SOLD!
Drake 2-B Receiver & 2BQ Multiplier (Perfect condition w/orig. Manual)  $370 SOLD!
Hallicrafters S-38B Receiver  $49.50  SOLD! SOLD!
Hallicrafters S-95 "Civic Patrol" Receiver  $30 SOLD! 
Hallicrafters SX-99 Receiver w/R-46B Spkr  $140 Still Available!!!
Heathkit HW-7 QRP Transceiver (w/Pwr Supply & Manual)  $140 SOLD!
Heathkit HW-8 QRP Transceiver (w/Pwr Supply & Manual)  $150 SOLD!
Heathkit HS-1661 Speaker  $45 SOLD!
Heathkit "Two-er" Transceiver (w/o Mic)  $45 SOLD!
Heathkit SP-99 Speaker  $40 (or Best Offer) SOLD!
Heathkit HM-11 SWR/PWR Meter  $15 SOLD!
Heathkit SB-634 Station Console  $65 SOLD!
KRIS 23+ CB (Original Box, Never Used)  $45 SOLD!
MFJ-8400 2m Receiver  $65 (or Best Offer) Still Available!!!
National SW-54 Receiver  $60 SOLD!
Radio Shack "Realistic" DX-100 Receiver  $65 SOLD!
Radio Shack "Realistic" DX-160 Receiver  $85 SOLD!
Radio Shack "Realistic" DX-200 Receiver  $75 SOLD!
Radio Shack "Realistic" DX-300 Receiver  $115 SOLD!
Radio Shack "Realistic" SP-150 Speaker  $24 SOLD!
Regency MR-10 "Monitoradio"  $25 SOLD!

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