Author Topic: KLM (M2 Engineering) KT-34A Repair  (Read 5460 times)

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KLM (M2 Engineering) KT-34A Repair
« on: May 09, 2013, 03:26:43 PM »
Over the winter months I had the misfortune of having an element-to-boom connector break.  Instead of having the "Gull Wing" look to the pair of elements, they were drooping.

I've attached two pictures of the connector...the original, which broke...and the new one which has been modified by DX Engineering.  As you can see, the new one is really beefed up which I believe will now last.

The reason I am posting this, is that I discovered a caveat to the replacement which created three trips up and down the tower rather than one.  The DX Engineering connector is ALMOST a direct replacement, except the element spacers need to be reduced in width in order to fit. (DX Engineering does sell new spacers if you do not want to modify the originals.) The second thing is the original bolts are a 1/2" too short to accommodate the beefed up connector which required a trip to the hardware store.

I have sent a message to DX Engineering recommending they let a prospective purchaser know up front about the element spacer and bolt requirement.  Other than the $50 price tag and $10 shipping, they did a fantastic job in the redesign.

The bad news is there are three additional old style connectors still in service up there!  :)

73, Gary