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International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 8/17 - 8/18/2019
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:22:57 PM »

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend - ILLW

   Once again, members of LEFROG and the Ozaukee Radio Club will join together to
participate in the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW), which started in 1998.
In 2018, there were over 49 countries and 440 lighthouses signed up.   Amateur radio clubs
and amateurs across the globe will be doing the same type of thing as we attempt to contact
other lighthouses.   This is to bring awareness and recognition of the importance of lighthouses,
their restoration, and maritime heritage.   See for more information.

   We are registered as US0114 and will be using the W9CQO call sign.    This will take place
on the property of the 1860 Light Station & Museum located on the top of the hill in
Port Washington, WI (near St. Mary’s Church).

   Friday, August 16, 2019, we will be setting up a 30’ tower and Cushcraft AS4 tri-band beam.
We will operate mainly on 20m depending on band conditions, but are also considering putting
up a 40m dipole.
   The ORC will be setting up one 10' X 10' tent, club banner, and operating table next to the
Lighthouse and LEFROG will be doing the same.   LEFROG will supply an Icom IC-9100 and
possibly an Icom IC-7600, along with a logging computer.   We will also have D-STAR.
We could use your help setting up on Friday afternoon, and tearing down on Sunday as well.
   All are welcome to join us.   If you don’t own HF equipment nor have any experience
operating HF, don’t let that stop you from coming out.   We will get you on the radio to
try it out.   This is not a contest, so there is no pressure!   It’s about having fun and learning!

   Bring your own cooler with drinks, and maybe something to eat.   However there are several
restaurants in the area.   You might consider bringing a chair if you want to ragchew when
not on the air.
   If you need directions or talk-in, someone will be monitoring the ORC 2m repeater,
146.970 MHz,  (- offset), CTCSS 127.3 Hz.

WHO: Ozaukee Radio Club and LEFROG (Local Emergency Field Radio Operating Group)
WHAT: International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend special event station
WHERE:    1860 Light Station & Museum
                 311 Johnson Street
                 Port Washington, WI
WHEN:     Friday, August 16th    1pm - 5pm? (until tower is set up, radios tested)
                Saturday, August 17th  9:00 am - 5 pm operating
                Sunday, August 18th    9:00 am - noon operating
                Sunday, August 18th    noon - 5pm break down equipment
If band conditions are good, we might continue operating past those times.
If you do come out, please do NOT park in front of the 1860 Light Station Museum,
as that is where visitors to the museum park.   We want to maintain a good relationship
with the folks at the Port Washington Historical Society.
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