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Proprogation of 10 meters
« on: April 09, 2013, 09:55:50 PM »
My question is about 10 meters vs 11 meters (CB). Since I am fresh General license holder, I am still getting used to how the different bands work. I know a 10 meter net is held on Friday nights that is local guys but when I last used 10 meters, I talked to someone in Poland at 4700 miles away. So I question how well I can talk locally on 10 meters.

The flip side of this is the use of a CB. I realize they only use 4W of power but I have never talked more than a few miles with it. So how does 10 Meters go around the world but 11 Meters only go local. It can't be just a case of power. Is it the quality of receiver?

How can two frequencies being only a Mhz or 2 apart carry so different?

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Re: Proprogation of 10 meters
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 11:30:26 AM »
I believe it is only coincidence that you have experienced a difference in 10M vs. 11M propagation.  You can have situations like that on all bands…right down to 160M.  There might be an opening (referring to DX) for hours or just a few minutes.  I’ve been in the middle of a QSO only to have the guy just fade away to nothing.  Also, it is not so much the power as it is the antenna which will exhibit a difference.  A vertical will typically provide you with a lower angle of radiation than a dipole and therefore, theoretically, provide you more distance.  An example being;  I literally load my tower, which incorporates a radial system, on 80M and 160M.  It works greats great at night for DX but not worth a darn for regional contacts such as the 3860 group I talk with weekday mornings.  I wound up installing a balanced dipole (as W9BCK refers to as a sky warmer) just to be better heard in the Grafton/Cedarburg area and up to Green Bay.  It made a huge difference.

I never cease to be amazed with propagation and antenna systems.  Both are a study within themselves.  When you figure it all out, please let me know…and the rest of the ham radio community.  :)  Better yet, talk with our club president, Ken Boston, W9GA, about 6M sometime!

73, Gary